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Being involved in an accident or claim situation can be both upsetting and confusing. 

We are a company with a roadmap – to trust drivers to drive safely and reward them with lower car insurance premiums as a result. Unlike some other insurers, we are open and give drivers a fair deal.

Drivers without no claims bonus are normally charged a high premium for their car insurance and forced to try and build up their no claims bonus. The only way to lower premiums is by paying for it? We think that’s wrong.

Also, when someone makes a claim, not only do they lose their no claims bonus, they also end up paying for the privilege anyway, in higher premiums afterward. That can’t be right either.

We offer lower premiums to drivers in return for sharing the risk of an accident. By paying a lower premium and having a higher excess, our drivers save, and their car insurance premium is guaranteed.

 XS Direct Insurance Brokers Limited is regulated and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Our Insurers are Calpe Insurance Company Limited, Alwyn Insurance Company limited and Watford Insurance Company Europe Limited.

Several Liability Clause

The liability of each insurer to the policyholder is several, that is, limited to its participation under this policy and does not extend to the liability of any other insurer, under this policy to the policyholder.



Remember! You must contact XS Direct immediately if you are involved in ANY incident involving the insured vehicle, regardless of whether you are at fault or not.

We aim to make the claims process speedy and simple and to treat all our customers in a fair and professional manner. When you notify us (or your broker) about a claim we will ask you for:

  • An estimate of the damage.
  • A completed Incident Report Form (we will send this to you)
  • A copy (Front and Back) of all Drivers' Licences on the Policy
  • A copy of your Vehicle Licensing Certificate.
  • A copy of a valid NCT (if applicable)

Please note that XS Direct may require other information and documentation during the claim investigation.

In the event of a claim we will:

1. If needed, appoint engineers to inspect your vehicle.

2. Appoint trained investigators to assist in managing your claim, if you need it.

3. Offer any advice that you need, to make the process as smooth and easy as needed.

Please also note our recovery process for your excess amount will start immediately once the amounts of any third party costs are settled. And do remember that we don't cover recovery, storage or hire/replacement vehicles.

If you wish to report a claim, please phone us on on 0818 222 888 or email